Solar PanelsHow Electricity Is Generated Through Solar Energy

January 9, 2018by Creative M.

Many people who are concerned about the environment and rising energy costs are considering the use of various appliances using solar energy for cooking, heating water, and refrigerating food.

Most persons the least bit familiar with solar energy products are aware that a solar panel is needed to change the energy of the sun into electrical service.

The solar panel is made up of photovoltaic cells that are responsible for taking the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity.

The electricity emitted by the photovoltaic cell is in direct proportion to the amount of sunlight shining down onto the cells.

A most interesting technological concept currently in the stages of research and development where the panel that is installed on the top of a residential structure or commercial establishment moves according to the way the sun moves during daylight hours.

Large scale accomplishments with respect to solar energy systems include parabolic concentrators which direct the sun’s rays to a particular cell and towers relative to solar generation.

However, the two technologies were developed for commercial applications. The movement of a solar panel on the top of a roof accordant to sun positioning is being looked at for residential use.

This ongoing research and development in harnessing the sun’s energy proves very promising from a futuristic point-of-view.

An innovative, simple product is the solar cooker. This type of solar item is used mainly in areas where the climate is considered tropical.

The solar cooker amounts to a box with an expansive reflector. Food that is to be cooked is placed inside the solar cooker. The reflector portion of the box directs the rays of the sun towards the box. In so doing, the box is heated. The food set inside is then cooked.

Many persons who have investigated solar products and solar energy already know about solar ovens and solar panels.

However, it might be safe to say not everyone realizes that solar refrigerators are currently being looked at in order to provide residential dwellers an economical means to store food.

The concept of the solar refrigerator is one wherein water begins the process of evaporation from an area of containment.

This process of evaporation is responsible for removing a certain percentage of heat and in effect decreases the container’s temperature. The solar refrigeration process is said to have been used within certain parts of Africa.

However, it is doubtful you will find it in existence there today.

Innovative thinkers have taken the concept of the solar refrigerator and are now in the phase of more fully researching the idea and subsequently developing it.

Once fully understood it is almost one-hundred percent certain, the solar refrigerator will be put into manufacture for home use.

The solar water heater is more well-known. The process employed in order to heat water is simple. You can compare it relatively speaking to the process used in conjunction with the photovoltaic cell.

However, it is comparative to only a certain extent. The heater is not operational based on the cells but rather the water is provided heat inside a panel that is insulated.

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