Solar Panel Installation Services For Seattle Residential And Commercial Businesses

The use of solar Seattle solar power panels is a great way to create clean and eco-friendly electrical power that's capable of energizing distant appliances and even partly powering your residence or even workplace.
Photovoltaic cells undoubtedly are a very helpful manner of supplying energy to far-off locations where the usage of power may well be critical yet the installing of high voltage cables may not be viable.

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Solar Panel Installation

Fast and reliable solar panel installation service in and around the Seattle area.

Inverter Installation

As part of the installation, inverters are mandatory and very helpful for your appliances during power outages.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Our panels don’t need much cleaning, but for emergency major repairs and troubleshoot, simply give us a call to assist you rightaway.

System Monitoring

With system monitoring, you always stay updated on the energy consumption you’ve used.

WHAT WE OFFERHow Solar Works

For many years, Seattle homes have been using solar panels to capture the sun's rays to deliver free electricity.
A solar electricity system has to convert DC voltage to AC supply for commercial or domestic use.
At first, the cost for installation can be a bit high, but the savings you make down the line is also very high.
Seattle Solar will provide you the necessary information about net metering so that you understand all the interconnection and legislative protocols in your area.
The energy your system consumed can send back to the grid at any time.
Small solar panels are strategically placed in the garden to get the best watering system for your flowers and plants.

WHAT WE OFFEROur solar projects


Hubo Group

Elm Brook, ME
  • YGE 60 Cell Series Module Type
  • 4.6 kWp Rated System Power
  • Co2 savings – approx. 5 metric tons

WH Tildesley Ltd

Brooklyn, NY
  • Size – 250 kWp
  • Annual Energy Yield – 372.470 kWh
  • Co2 savings – 115.838 kg

N Brookes Ltd

Boston, MA
  • Rated System Power – 360 kWp
  • 1330 HVAC Solar PANDA  modules
  • Co2 savings – about 46.55 tonnes

HR Smith

San Francisco, CA
  • Module Type – HVAC Panda 60 Cell Series
  • Roof Space Coverage – 35,000 m2
  • Co2 savings – approx. 2,400 tonnes

Lindon Ltd

Brooklyn, NY
  • 65,000 Units;  HVAC 230 module
  • Number of Avg. Homes Powered – 1,900
  • Co2 savings – approx. 16,000 tons

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and its surrounding areas.

With the increasing potential of a severe global energy crisis, many people are starting to consider alternative power systems for their homes. Currently, the most feasible alternative power system is solar power and wind power.

Saving money and low carbon emission are the prominent benefits of green energy sources. By having our Seattle solar panels installed, you’ll get the most of solar energy --- it is the cleanest form of fuel you can get.

After early questioning of the efficiency of solar cells, their conversion rate has been increasing year on year. Add this to the fact that there is still so much untapped potential with solar energy and it's easy to see why you might want to invest.

By switching to Austin Solar, you can take yourself off the power grid. No more transmission lines snaking over your roof.

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